Linuxfx Operating System

Linuxfx is an Ubuntu-based operating system that contains a powerful set of tools and an amazing look and feel. It has compatibility with Windows apps through Wine and also runs Android apps. It's super stable, solid as a rock and very secure. It also does not need TPM or any other requirement for its operation and is compatible with any computer that has 2 cores and 2GB of RAM memory.
Compatible with Windows applications
Run your favorite .exe and .msi applications with the improved Wine compatibility layer.
Full desktop
Work or play has never been easier. Complete embedded software package.
Safe and very fast
Linuxfx is fast and secure, very secure. No more worries about viruses and crashes.

Linuxfx 11.4 Plasma

A desktop like you've never seen it before. Introducing a new designer, with a new theme designed from the ground up and amazing tools.
KDE Plasma Technology
Linuxfx utilizes the KDE Plasma.
You don't need a powerful computer.

PowerToys Control Tools

PowerToys is a powerful toolset that implements a software layer based on Microsoft Windows applications. Tools like Control Panel, Network Settings, One Drive, Android Support and many others are available through PowerToys

Embedded Technologies

Technologies used for the development of Windows Ubuntu

Get support when you need it!

You have access to extensive documentation from the Ubuntu, KDE and Linuxfx community.