Purchasing Windowsfx 10.7 Founders Edition 64-BIT has several benefits:

Windowsfx Founders Edition has all the features of the free version plus these additions:

  • Helloa Virtual Assistant who understands you, executes commands and searches for you.
  • All WxDesktop features available with real-time updates
  • Full support for Microsoft Active Directory and Worgroups networks (same Microsoft © Windows® configuration panel).
  • Integration with Smart Home (google home, arduino and GP-IO)
  • Latest build of the system core (kernel) to better support your computer's drivers.
  • Improved support for Microsoft © Windows® applications.
  • Support for games developed for Microsoft © Windows®.
  • Advanced support for VDI (VMware Horizon, Citrix Receiver, Remote Desktop, etc...)
  • Windowsfx Cinnamon Destop Edition ISO for 2 cores 2 GB memory computer or more.
  • Windowsfx Plasma Desktop Edition ISO for 4 cores 4 GB memory computer or more.

Pay as much as you want.

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Linuxfx 10.7 Cinnamon Founders Edition hardaware requiriments:

  • FORMAT: ISO file, 4.4GB
  • CPU: Dual core processor
  • RAM: 2GB
  • DISK: 16GB

Linuxfx 10.7 Plasma Founders Edition hardaware requiriments:

  • FORMAT: ISO file, 4.4GB
  • CPU: Quad core processor
  • RAM: 4GB
  • DISK: 16GB
  • VIRTUALBOX: Install virtualbox guest and set 'video memory' to 128MB to adjust the resolution

Download free edition:

Enter on Linuxfx Telegram group. The direct link is pinned on top of group.

Or fill this form and receive it by email (automatic reply)


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